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  1. Lighthouse

    Founded in 2006, LightHouse is a non-profit organization that serves as a social and workforce rehabilitation center for people with mental illness. Located in Inverness, the LightHouse is part of a broader clubhouse effort that is international in scope. The Centers monitors the LightHouse and helps develop staff, direct funding, and ensure that it continues to operate successfully.

    The Clubhouse Work-Ordered Day provides structured, community-based services designed to strengthen and/or regain the client’s interpersonal skills, provide psycho-social support toward rehabilitation, develop the environmental supports necessary to help the client thrive in the community and meet employment and other life goals.  All aspects of the program promote recovery from mental illness. Services are provided in a community-based setting with trained staff and members working as teams to address the client’s life goals and to perform the tasks necessary for the operations of the program’s work units. The emphasis is on a holistic approach focusing on the client’s strengths and abilities while challenging the client to pursue those life goals. LightHouse is certified by the International Center for Clubhouse Development.

    3185 E Thomas Street, Inverness, FL 34453