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  1. Adult Outpatient

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    The Centers provides therapeutic services for individuals who have a mental health diagnosis and are in need of counseling.  Services include a complete biopsychosocial assessment; individualized Treatment Planning utilizing the Five Axis of the American Psychiatric Association; group and individual therapy, and peer group support.  Additionally, Psychosocial Education is provided to individuals referred to develop independent living skills, medication management, work readiness assessment and job training/support when necessary.


    An initial assessment is conducted to determine level of care, motivation, and the need for services and supports to assist individuals and families identify their strengths. This service is the entry into all programs in Adult Mental Health and the agency as a whole. 


    The Centers has therapists who specialize in several areas including trauma and co-occurring (mental health and substance abuse) disorders. Individual treatment services are provided on a regularly scheduled basis by appointment, with arrangements made for non-scheduled visits during times of increased stress or crisis. 


    Groups focus on a variety of needs such as Domestic Violence, Co-Occurring, and Depression.