24-HOUR CRISIS LINE: Marion: (352) 291-5525 | Citrus: (352) 726-7155

  1. Adult Psychiatric Unit

    Our 15 bed Adult Psychiatric Unit is available for adults who are experiencing a mental health emergency and are in need of inpatient care. Clients receive compassionate treatment provided by a team of highly trained professionals including psychiatrists, nurses, mental health technicians, social workers and an activities therapist.

    Our staff are devoted to providing the best quality care, ensuring clients receive daily individual time with the physician and are involved in group activities throughout the day designed to help them through their crisis and equip them with coping skills to enhance and enrich their lives. Upon being discharged from the unit, clients are connected with follow up care and wrap around services in an outpatient setting.

    • Medicare and most insurances accepted
    • Meets VA and Medicare standards for care and treatment
    • 24-hour/7-days a week intake assessments
    • Located in Building 4 at our 60th Ave Location


    Adults in a crisis may be experiencing:


    • Suicidal thoughts
    • Severe depression and/or anxiety
    • Stress or trauma
    • Hearing voices
    • Bizarre or threatening behavior
    • Drug or alcohol abuse
    • Physical, emotional or sexual abuse
    • Family and interpersonal conflicts
    • Work or school related crisis


    Baker Act Receiving Facility

    The Centers is the Baker Act Receiving Facility for Marion County. Referrals can come from parents, law enforcement, local hospital, physicians, the school system and other concerned parties. For more information regarding the Baker Act law, click here.

  2. “I was brought to The Centers in a crisis situation. At first I fought the whole process as you can imagine, but it was where I needed to be at the time. They provided excellent treatment to stabilize me. Treatment included group activities to learn new coping skills which I am using today, talking with doctors and social workers who showed empathy and understanding, and the staff was very respectful. The Centers provided clean clothes, a clean room, daily shower, hygiene supplies and plenty of food. I felt safe there which was very important to me. When I left I had a renewed sense of hope.”


    Adult Psychiatric Unit