24-HOUR CRISIS LINE: Marion: (352) 291-5525 | Citrus: (352) 726-7155

  1. Addie Rawls Recovery Center

    Our long-term residential program for adults is dedicated to providing holistic care to those seeking addiction recovery. Clients receive individualized care that focuses on healing the underlying issues of addiction, gaining the self-care techniques needed to live a substance free life, establishing a healthy support system, and practical preparation for their future.

    With the guidance of our team of counselors, clients create personalized treatment and relapse prevention plans specific to meet their needs. All clients leave with not only a support system but with solid plans in place to build their lives and families.

    Program Includes:

    • Intensive Individual and Group Therapy
    • Family Therapy and Family Programs
    • Substance Abuse Education
    • Relapse Prevention and Transition Planning
    • Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management As Needed
    • Recreation- Experiencing Sober Activities for Life in Recovery
    • Involvement in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous


    Intensive Therapeutic Groups Include:
    (not limited to)

    • Trauma
    • Grief
    • Family
    • Health
    • Relational
    • Gender Specific
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Anger Management
    • Parenting
    • Small Group-Caseloads



    An evaluation can determine whether outpatient or residential treatment is needed.

    • Comprehensive Residential Treatment is $5,800 per month
    • Private pay, private insurance accepted. Sliding fee scale available.
    • Contact for Referrals or Questions (352) 291-5555 
  2. “Before coming to The Centers my life was a very lonely and chaotic existence. I could not understand why I could not feel “normal” or just be like everyone else. I used alcohol and drugs to escape from those feeling and I became so reliant on that false sense of happiness that I lost all sense of reality. I was this tornado ripping through people’s lives and leaving a trail of devastation. The path of destruction led me to The Center and the storm finally cleared. After spending many years in an internal prison of my own making, The Centers and the staff gave me the tools to unlock it and find freedom, allowing me to obtain peace and serenity that I had been searching for all along. For that I will forever be grateful.”


    Addie Rawls Recovery Center