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  1. Mental Health Services

    Children’s Outpatient Mental Health Services

    Individual, family, group and peer therapy is provided for children ages 4-18. Individualized treatment plans address (not limited to) behavioral issues, depression, anxiety, family conflict, trauma/abuse, and self-esteem. Click here for more information

    Adult Outpatient Mental Health Services

    Services include a complete biopsychosocial assessment; individualized Treatment Planning utilizing the Five Axis of the American Psychiatric Association; group and individual therapy, and peer group support.  Additionally, Psychosocial Education is provided to individuals referred to develop independent living skills, medication management, work readiness assessment and job training/support when necessary. Click here for more information

    Primary Care Integration

    A holistic approach to improving the well-being of adults by offering integrated primary and behavioral healthcare services.  Integrated Care produces the best outcomes and is proven to be the most effective approach to caring for people with complex healthcare needs.Click here for more information

    Medication Management Services

    Click here for more information

    Targeted Case Management Services

    Case management services consist of activities aimed at assessing recipient needs, planning services, linking the service system to a recipient, coordinating the various system components, monitoring service delivery and evaluating the effect of services received. These services are typically offered to persons who are being discharged from a hospital or crisis stabilization unit, who are in need of more professional care, and who will have contingency needs to remain in a less restrictive setting.